Inequities of opportunity, access, and support by race are systemic and pervasive and will take generations to address. With dedicated tracks at SOCAP17 and SOCAP18 and the inaugural SPECTRUM event, we have been applying a lens of racial equity to impact investment and social enterprise to shine a light on blind spots and have honest conversations about identifying and dismantling bias. This video series includes interviews with cross-sector leaders provide a window into efforts to advance racial equity and dismantle systemic barriers faced by historically marginalized communities.

Rajiv Khanna: Wealth Generation and Partnership on Equitable Ground

Bird Runningwater: Effects of Invisibility of Native People in American Media

Ed Whitfield: Creating a Culture for Economic Democracy

Cynthia Muller: Using a Racial Equity Lens

Ellis Carr: Systemic Barriers & Racial Equity

Nina Robinson: The Problem with Doing Well by Doing Good

Rani Langer-Croager: Redefining Due Diligence

Marcos Gonzalez: Changing Venture Capital Strategies for Racial Equity

Jenna Nicholas: Rethinking Bias in Asset Allocation

Teresa Hodge: Creating Opportunities for the Formerly Incarcerated

Allen Woods: How MORTAR is Addressing Gentrification & Revitalizing Communities in Cincinnati

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