Inequities of opportunity, access, and support by race are systemic and pervasive and will take generations to address. With dedicated tracks at SOCAP and our annual SPECTRUM event, we are committed to having this conversation and applying a lens of racial equity to impact investment and social enterprise.

Racial Equity Video Series

This video series includes interviews with cross-sector leaders provide a window into efforts to advance racial equity and dismantle systemic barriers faced by historically marginalized communities.

Experience SPECTRUM Virtual

Walkthrough our recordings of 3 days of SPECTRUM Virtual to join the conversation.

Day 1  |  Access

People of color are the fastest-growing population of entrepreneurs across America. Though their ideas and innovations are plentiful, the opportunities and access to capital for leaders of color are not. This day will focus on ways the SPECTRUM community can help ensure that communities of color gain equal access to resources, services, and opportunities.

Day 2  |  Inclusion

An inclusive economy ensures that resources are fairly distributed across communities and opportunities are created for all to thrive. On the second day of  SPECTRUM, we will identify ways to build inclusive networks that disrupt dominant negative narratives and empower people to share ideas, collaborate, and feel comfortable taking risks. 

Day 3  |  Impact

Closing the racial wealth gap is an economic and moral necessityIn the US, the average white family has 41 times more wealth than the average African-American family and 22 times more than the average Latino family (NYT). How do we recognize and support people of color who are on the frontlines addressing this issue through businesses, investing,  and creating positive impact within their communities? On the third day we’ll highlight what is working locally, regionally, and nationally. The SPECTRUM community will collaborate on new solutions.

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