About The Organization

SOCAP (Social Capital Markets) is in the vanguard of the emerging global impact economy —  convening ideas and capital to catalyze world change. We are a network of investors, entrepreneurs, and social impact leaders addressing the world’s toughest challenges through market-based solutions. For more than ten years, we have achieved our goals through a series of events, initiatives, and partnerships that leverage the power and effectiveness of collaboration.

Our world-renowned conference series is dedicated to increasing the flow of capital toward social good. SOCAP’s flagship event each fall in San Francisco is the leading gathering for impact investors and social entrepreneurs. We take a unique approach that emphasizes cross-sector convening and gathers voices across a broad spectrum to achieve unexpected yet impactful connections. From the leading edge to established players, SOCAP brings together global innovators, investors, foundations, governments, institutions, and social entrepreneurs to build the world we want to leave to future generations. We actively seek out opportunities to accelerate the market at the intersection of money and meaning and, in pursuit of that goal, have convened more than 20,000 people since our first event in 2008.

In addition to the annual SOCAP conference, we offer year-round events to continue important conversations around money and meaning via SOCAP 365. Sign-up for our newsletter to get updates about local events in your area to make connections, gain inspiration, and create a more sustainable economy for all.

For more information on SOCAP and our conferences and initiatives, feel free to contact us.

The SOCAP Team


Lindsay Smalling


Jamie McGonnigal

Director of Business Development, SOCAP

Rosa Lee Harden

Co-Founder, SOCAP

Kevin Jones

Co-Founder, SOCAP

Cari Hanson

Senior Content Manager, SOCAP

Fabienne Blanc

Registrar, Sponsor Associate

Justin Belleme

Marketing Manager

Sarah Sterling

Entrepreneur Coordinator

Alex Kravitz

Senior Programming Associate

Deborah Ayanna

Communications Associate

Intentional Media

Kate Byrne

President, Intentional Media

Katie Sullivan

VP of Sales, Intentional Media

Robert J. Caruso

Chairman and Managing Partner, Intentional Media

John L. Morris

Managing Partner and Board Member, Intentional Media

Luc Fagerberg

Chief Operating Officer, Intentional Media

Meghan French Dunbar

Co-founder and CEO, Conscious Company Media

Spectrum Team

Keisha Senter

Strategy and Content, SPECTRUM

VaShone Huff

Partner Associate, SPECTRUM

Advisory Board

Andrea Phillips

Founder and Managing Partner, The Community Outcomes Fund, Maycomb Capital

Ben Thornley

Managing Partner, Tideline

Konda Mason

Founder, Jubilee Partners

Andrea Armeni

Co-founder and Executive Director, Transform Finance

Rodney Foxworth

CEO, Common Future

Jed Emerson

Jed Emerson, Founder, Blended Value

Fran Seegull

Executive Director, U.S. Impact Investing Alliance

Rehana Nathoo

Founder and CEO, Spectrum Impact