User Data, Trust, and Transparency: SOCAP Podcast Money + Meaning Episode 2.4

As user data collection has evolved from web data to mobile to ubiquitous environmental sensing, important questions are being raised about data usage, consumer privacy, and corporate transparency. Topics discussed include: Who owns the vast amounts of personal data that are being collected today? Is privacy becoming something that only the rich can afford? Has user behavior created an economic incentive for companies to care about data and privacy breaches? How are governments attempting to regulate “big data”? This discussion features Erika Karp, the founder and CEO of Cornerstone Capital, an impact investing firm, Sonia Katyal, the Chancellor’s Professor of Law at UC Berkeley and the Co-Director of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology, and Timothy Morey, the VP of Strategy for frog design, a global design and strategy consulting firm.

SOCAP Podcast Money + Meaning 2.3 The New American Dream: Creating Intergenerational Wealth for All

For generations, people from all backgrounds have come to the US in pursuit of the American Dream: opportunity, access, resources and ultimately ownership. Yet many minorities are systematically excluded from drivers of wealth, such as home ownership and entrepreneurship. As a result, the racial wealth gap is widening, with predictions that by 2020 the median white household will own 86x more wealth than its black counterpart, and 68x more wealth than its Latino one. This panel explores systemic issues that have led to this inequity, why catalyzing wealth creation for communities of color should be a national imperative, and how we can invest in historically marginalized communities.

SOCAP Podcast Money + Meaning Season Two, Episode One: Highlights from the SOCAP18 Main Stage

Season 2 of Money + Meaning kicks off with a special episode featuring luminaries from the SOCAP18 main stage including Anand Giridharadas, Joy Anderson, Joan Carling, Mitch Kapor, and Amit Bhatia. Themes include gender lens investing, the racial wealth gap, indigenous rights, distinguishing real change from fake change, and how complex power structures underlie all these important discussions.