Prior to this he was Head of Business Strategy & Project Management Officer at V2V Capital, where he was responsible for strategy development, business process optimization and managing the various mandates of the firm. Luc also works in V2V’s Investment Design Team. Prior to this, Luc was a partner in Impulse Catalysts, an advisory firm specialized in helping start-up renewable energy companies navigate the political, business, financial and regulatory landscapes of international markets. Luc was a Fellow of the Populate Wall Street program where he explored the shifting landscape of the Financial Services Industry and experienced the implications in a variety of industries across the United States. Luc’s experience also includes vast international familiarity having lived in Switzerland, Pakistan, Namibia, Mozambique, and Brazil receiving his education and holding a number of instruction and financial support positions. Luc is quadrilingual, having graduated from Babson College with concentrations in Finance and Economics.