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Mitra Ardron, Lumeter Networks

How do we plan on scaling social enterprise if everyone develops everything “Soup to Nuts”. As the ecosystem grows we are seeing the emergence of Social Enterprises that provide a critical component of the value chain for other SE’s. Often these B2B companies face a set of …

collaboration, global, innovation, international, systems thinking, technology
Vibeke Helder, Enviu

Did you know that in some hospitals checks for breast cancer are done by blind people? The reason is because the sense in their fingers is well developed, which enables earlier cancer detection. This is just one of the many examples of creative healthcare business solutions, shared …

collaboration, community, creativity, crowdsourcing, entrepreneurship, health, innovation, international
Erin Jones, Pave

This panel will bring together individuals pioneering a type of investment that has no legal precedent — investment in people. Panelists will explore the legal and financial sides of this innovative social-financial agreement. How can investment in a person address high levels of student debt and unemployment …

collaboration, collaborative consumption, community, creativity, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, entrepreneurship, innovation, investing, new economy, technology
Kathryn Ebner, Pave

The financial transaction on true peer-to-peer platforms can be a gateway to personal and community level benefits that transcend the simple exchange of money. On a personal level, peer-to-peer platforms connect people based on passions, with the potential to align them to have greater good in the …

collaboration, collaborative consumption, community, creativity, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, entrepreneurship, innovation, investing, new economy, sharing, technology
Garrett Melby, GoodCompany Funding

Garrett Melby shares the story of his journey from Wall Street financial engineering for Enron, through the heights of venture investing in the internet bubble to the founding of GoodCompany Ventures and the invention of a new model for impact investing. Social entrepreneurs are reinventing innovation but …

entrepreneurship, innovation, investing, new economy, non-profit, philanthropy, sustainability, systems thinking, technology
Zoe Selzer, GoodCompany

Winner of $1 million prize in Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayor’s Challenge, the Philadelphia Social Enterprise Partnership represents a new public/private partnership for harnessing social enterprise to address urban problems. Principals from Good Company, the Wharton Social Impact Initiative and the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics will unveil …

collaboration, community, corporate, creativity, development, Education, entrepreneurship, food, government, health, innovation, investing, new economy, policy, poverty, sustainability, systems thinking, technology, water
David Helvarg, Blue Frontier

The Multi-Trillion dollar ecosystem services provided by the world’s ocean (including over half the oxygen we consume) are at risk from a series of cascading disasters including overfishing, pollution, coastal sprawl and climate change. In California many of these issues are being effectively addressed through a combination …

blue economy, California, climate change, innovation, investment, ports, recreation, science
Derrick Rhayn, Rhayn Collaborative Consulting

The emerging paradigm of networks couldn’t be more perfectly timed, given that the Age of Crisis is upon us. While the utility of networks is still in its infancy, the paradigm is fueling an unprecedented period of social innovation, with cooperation and reciprocity as the driving values. …

collaboration, community, creativity, innovation, new economy, philanthropy, sharing, systems thinking
Laura Ross-Perry, WiserEarth

Today, activists for social and environmental change inhabit two very different spheres. The first is the virtual sphere, where individuals from all over the world come together to think about broader issues and themes of global concern. The second is the physical world, where activists tackle local …

activism, collaboration, community, creativity, Data, development, Education, entrepreneurship, environment, global, innovation, international, local, Media, new economy, non-profit, sharing, social media, sustainability, technology, youth
Christie George, New Media Ventures

The good economy is all around us and yet, we still seem to preaching to the choir. How can impact investments specifically in technology and media help amplify the work of social enterprises and good economy actors that have the potential to change the world — if …

branding, collaboration, creativity, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, design, entrepreneurship, film, innovation, investing, marketing, Media, new economy, non-profit, philanthropy, social media, technology
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