Dates: June 10-14 

Blockchain Community Days is a global professional conference with a hot line-up and real Web3 use cases in business, industry, blockchain tech, Metaverse, marketing, and more. 

The conference is powered by a global Blockchain Professionals community of 4k members active in the blockchain and Web 3.0 space and aims to accelerate its adoption. 

 What is inside: 

  • Five days of high-quality content and real web3 use cases 
  • Blockchain University: hands-on workshops every day! 
  • NFTs gifts for all participants 

We invite: 

  • Blockchain professionals across all industries to share experiences and exchange opinions 
  • Vendors to conduct workshops and deep dives 
  • Community & Marketing specialists to network 
  • Tech professionals & Researchers to exchange knowledge 
  • Students and Novices in Web3.0/blockchain/DLT to learn 

About Blockchain Professionals Community: 

  • 4k members 
  • Weekly content updates 
  • Big Conferences and extraordinary events 
  • Project delivery 

Future & Trends Day is dedicated to exploring innovative ideas and cutting-edge research, trends, and panel discussions over past and future Blockchain/DLT/Crypto and Web3 technologies. We’d like to focus on the famous “What’s the next big thing” topic =) 

Adoption Day will be full of real examples of real Blockchain solutions. Here, we invite colleagues to speak about the applicability of the technology, adoption struggles and successes, and ideas for helping or vice versus preventing smooth adoption. 

Interoperability & Connections Day—Technology never existed in a vacuum. As IT and Business professionals, we know that industrially adopted blockchain solutions gain a lot of value by connecting systems. During this day, we will cover topics related to the various connectivity, integration, and interoperability aspects, as we believe they are the key to successful implementation. 

Technology Day—This is a time for professionals to discuss technology aspects such as development and testing tools, security, programming languages, patterns and architecture approaches, best practices, and new technology-related ideas. 

Community Day—Building and growing communities is another essential aspect of bringing and keeping blockchain solutions live. This day is dedicated to discussions covering various aspects of community building. We will also announce the Global Hackathon on this day.

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