A Game to Teach Foreign Language Skills to Children

–> Who:  Ryan Wagner, Co-Founder of Penyo Pal –> What: Penyo Pal is a digital game designed to teach 4-7 year-olds foreign language skills, teaching language through play. –> How: Read this synopsis,…

A Crowdfunding Site for Youth

–> Who:  Andrea Lo, Founder & CEO of Piggybackr –> What: Piggybackr is an online fundraising platform specifically designed for youth. –> How: Read this synopsis and visit Piggybackr to learn more. By Adam Smiley…

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20 Years of Impact Investing with SJF Ventures on SOCAP’s Money + Meaning Podcast Episode 2.9

This week’s episode is a conversation with impact investing pioneer Dave Kirkpatrick of SJF Ventures and Impact Capital Managers. Dave was at the forefront of the impact investing industry when he co-founded SJF Ventures back in 1999. Originally the Sustainable Jobs Fund, SJF has grown from a $17 million first fund to the recent $125 million close of fund four. In this conversation, host Alex Kravitz asks Dave about his longevity in the industry, how his investment philosophy has evolved over the lifecycle of his four funds, and how the industry has changed over his 20 years as an investor.