Crystal Echo Hawk and Nick Tilsen on the Invisibility of Native Peoples and the Transformative Power of Indigenous-Led Narrative Change, Philanthropy, and Impact

Invisibility and harmful stereotypes are two of the biggest challenges facing Indigenous people today. According to research conducted by The Reclaiming Native Truth Project, nearly 80% of Americans know little to nothing about contemporary Native peoples, which leads to systemic bias, racism, and neglect of Indigenous communities. On this episode, Lindsay Smalling talks with Crystal Echo Hawk and Nick Tilsen, two Indigenous leaders who head organizations working to change the narrative and the status quo in order to help Indigenous communities thrive. They discuss their efforts to bring about widespread narrative change, concrete examples of why it is such an exciting time to make big investments and big impact in Indian country, and where their movements are headed in the future.

How Foundations Are Using Catalytic Capital to Amplify Their Impact

Foundations are experienced mission-driven organizations; they’ve been investing in impact long before the term impact investing was coined. Because of their commitment to mission, foundations are focused on keeping impact at the heart of the impact investing movement. Foundations are often able to provide more flexible, risk-tolerant, and patient capital than other types of investors. This is known as “catalytic capital.”

How More Effective Brand, Communications, and Marketing Strategies Can Help You Make a Bigger Impact

To give social impact organization leaders the opportunity to explore these options in more depth, this year we are offering The Impact Growth Workshop, a half-day event focused on branding and design, marketing and communications, campaign analytics and reporting, and the ethical issues concerning big data and consumer privacy that are coming up around those topics.