Ajaita Shah is the Founder of Frontier Markets. She has 5 years of microfinance experience in India with organizations like SKS Microfinance, and Ujjivan Financial Services. Ajaita has worked on numerous development projects in 7 states in India. She has consulted with the World Bank about microfinance in South Asia and Latin America. She served on the Committee of the Social Performance Task Force. Ajaita Shah holds her B.A. in International Relations from Tufts University.

Bridging Knowledge Gaps in Social Capital Markets

The social capital space is changing for the positive in many ways, especially because of forums like SOCAP which bring hundreds of thinkers and doers together to understand trends, nuances, opportunities, and challenges within this space. As a social entrepreneur, it was and is the best way to meet anyone and everyone in this space.

SOCAP reminded us that networking, and ideas exchanges are essential to increase our momentum to make things happen. So, how do we keep this momentum alive? How can we take lessons learned from each other and move forward? How can we link capital with action? Let’s create more exchanges, let’s fill knowledge gaps, and let’s keep making things happen.

Global Entrepreneur’s Exchange

Social entrepreneurs are increasing in numbers by the day; each day a passionate person decides to take a chance and create a business/plan/company/organization to make a difference in the world. SOCAP brought these people together, and we started talking. There were many entrepreneurs that attended the conference, and when we started exchanging ideas, we realized that we have many things to learn from each other. How do we keep this momentum going? How do we start sharing lessons from the field and improve our companies, our ability to create more impact.

An example of successful exchange: manufacturing companies are still facing the challenge of scale and market entry – European and US companies are trying to understand what product, where, and when – for market entry in developing countries. Our business is a supply chain company that seeks manufacturing partners to introduce new products to developing markets. We have a clear connection, clear need, clear opportunity to exchange information, missions, and make things happen.