How to Start Networking at SOCAP19 Now

SOCAP19 isn’t until October, but the conversations have already started on Pathable–the official conference networking platform.

As of early August, hundreds of registered ticket holders have already created Pathable profiles and are using the app to learn about their fellow attendees, send introductory messages, and set meetings. If you have already bought your ticket to SOCAP19, but have not yet personalized your Pathable profile, we highly recommend that you do so as soon as possible. A little preparation now can go a long way towards ensuring you get the most out of your SOCAP19 experience.

Driving Impact in Opportunity Zones at the Kresge Foundation on Episode 27 of SOCAP’s Money + Meaning Podcast

The new Opportunity Zone legislation is expected to drive billions of dollars of investment into low income communities around the country. Yet, with limited oversight, this capital has as much potential to harm communities as is does to benefit them. In an effort to set a precedent for transparency in this new space, the Kresge Foundation has recently committed $22 million to two Opportunity Funds in exchange for higher levels of reporting and accountability. In this episode, Rip Rapson, President and CEO of the Kresge Foundation, and Kresge Social Investment Officer Aaron Seybert discuss the innovative way the foundation is working to shape OZ investment.

How Cooperatives Build Community Wealth on Money + Meaning: Recorded Live at SOCAP 365 Baltimore

Cooperatives hold incredible promise to build wealth in marginalized communities and reduce the racial wealth gap but myths and misconceptions about alternative ownership models are common. Many lenders and investors are skeptical of cooperatively-owned businesses or find them too “risky” to qualify for investment. This episode, recorded live at a SOCAP 365 event in Baltimore, is a panel discussion about the promise of the cooperative model to create social and economic change, including frank observations about the challenges that often prevent these businesses from securing investment or achieving success at scale.