SOCAP11 Message from the Convener, Kevin Jones

For three years we’ve been telling you that the social capital market, the market at the intersection of money and meaning, the place between giving and investing is real, it’s big and it’s growing.

I think you’ve gotten the message; in October of last year we convened 1,500 people from 40 countries for the largest and most diverse social enterprise investing conference in the world. We’ve recently come back from gathering 750 people from 50 countries in Amsterdam at SOCAP/Europe, our first international conference.

The market at the intersection of money and meaning is big and it’s growing. Got it. Now it’s time to make sense of the social capital market. If you’ve been overwhelmed by SOCAP, we are going to make it easier this year. We are limiting the number of panels, finding fewer, but more representative or distinctive stories. That will make it easier to navigate the abundant, life giving landscape that comes together at SOCAP to work on investing and creating businesses in new ways to meet a world in need of change. We will also try to make it easy for newbies to find their way, while letting the experts go as deep as they need to, talking to each other and figuring out next steps.