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Malmo University hosts SOCAP Seminar – Broadcast Online

January 16th, 2011

Malmo University is on the forefront of social innovation research and development in Scandinavia. They have graciously hosted the SOCAP team for a full day seminar to learn more about SOCAP Europe, to present a few innovative Scandinavian social enterprises and to break into brainstorming sessions with thought leaders in the field. We’ll be looking at key topics that are important for Scandinavian social entrepreneurs to see represented at SOCAP Europe as well as to discuss how social investment can be integrated into the social capital landscape.

The will be a seminar held tomorrow at Malmo University and will be broadcast from their Media Lab. The link is We invite our SOCAP network from around the world to join us in this event and let us know your thoughts.

Ben White of VC4Africa

January 13th, 2011

VC4Africa is a new online platform that joins a thriving landscape of investment ties between the Netherlands and the African continent. VC4Africa aims to connect innovative entrepreneurs with access to knowledge, markets and capital that creates capacity to scale.  There is a large network of organizations focused on the SME financing in the African continent coming out of the E.U., such as BID Network focusing on matching entrepreneurs with angel investors and funds such as In Return Capital which invests in SME’s in East Africa.

Yesterday, directly after Kevin and Frank had met with Rien van Gendt, Kevin and I met with Ben White founder of VC4Africa. Ben White is a passionate lifelong entrepreneur who has found himself living in Amsterdam for the past three years, but focused primarily on the African space. Ben provided us with a better insight why he started VC4Africa.  His hope is to create a “Facebook for SME financing” in Africa to give prominence to a huge network of entrepreneurs with the opportunity to be the main driver of Africa’s economic growth.
SOCAP/Europe will provide a real time platform for investors from around the world to hear from these innovative organizations and to see if there is a “science of start-ups” in the developing world.

SOCAP team arrives in Amsterdam for European Listening Tour

January 12th, 2011

Yesterday, our team arrived in Amsterdam for a two week “Listening Tour” to hear from individuals and organizations working to change the social capital markets from the other side of the ocean. We’ll be posting video updates and interviews over the next two weeks as well as taking you on a tour of where SOCAP Europe will be held. Join us as we travel from Amsterdam to Copenhagen to London to Zurich in search of new ideas, funds, enterprises and entrepreneurs to showcase at SOCAP Europe.