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SOCAP News: SOCAP Group Announces The Good Capital Project, Expands Vision with New Leadership and Capital

March 13th, 2017

SOCAP, is proud to announce it will be spinning out of its former MissionHUB LLC ownership. Earlier this year, Robert J. Caruso, Founder & Managing Partner of Kantian Social Ventures led the investment round with a group of mission aligned impact investors and innovators to allow SOCAP to independently ramp up its efforts to spread awareness of market based solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, curate thought-leadership in the space, and educate impact market participants. SOCAP will begin expanding its brand reach to larger, more mainstream audiences and enhance its consumer engagement practices to help bring impact investing into the mainstream consciousness.

SOCAP was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs who were committed to accelerating a new global market at the intersection of money and meaning. When this passionate group of collaborators, including Rosa Lee Harden, Kevin Jones, and Tim Freundlich, co-founded SOCAP, assets managed through responsible, sustainable or impact approaches were fringe and disparate. Today, over $8.7 trillion in assets are managed through these approaches globally.

We are proud to be a pioneer of the impact investing industry and the largest convener in the space. SOCAP’s place has always been in the vanguard of the emerging global impact economy – convening ideas and capital to catalyze world change.  

Rosa Lee Harden will continue in her role as SOCAP’s Executive Producer, Kevin Jones as Convener, Lindsay Smalling as Producer and Curator, and Jamie McGonnigal as Director of Business Development.

Our annual flagship SOCAP conference in San Francisco will celebrate its 10th convening this October. We look forward to celebrating many more milestones in the future of our flagship event while building upon its successes and expanding our reach to bring impact investing into wider mainstream consciousness globally.

SOCAP is also thrilled to announce the first initiative of the new SOCAP partnership will be The Good Capital Project, an integral step in evolving impact investment from an emerging industry into mainstream practice. Through a new design thinking process, the aim of the Good Capital Project is to convene all constituents within impact investing and the social capital market to drive greater collaboration and accelerate capital flows into purpose driven investments.

Rosa Lee said of the new partnership, “SOCAP is proud of the role we have played as the leading convener within the impact space, but we know that until we begin bringing in more influential figures from the sphere of mainstream finance, that we aren’t going to make the kind of positive impact in the world that we want and need to make. We are excited about this partnership and the greater impact we will create together.”

“In many ways, SOCAP’s mission to be at the intersection of money and meaning is even truer and more important today, in a world in which impact investing is emerging into the mainstream and grapples with how to generate innovative and sustainable solutions to align the capital markets with the human needs of tomorrow. With the additional expertise, growth capital and partnerships, we are confident that SOCAP is the brand to guide our industry’s next decades,” said Bob Caruso.

“John Morris’ invaluable advice and V2V Associates’ year of work on investment design strategy lead to the investment opportunity with Kantian Social Ventures and we look forward to their ongoing involvement,” added Tim Freundlich, Co-founder and Chairman of Mission Hub LLC.

Join us at the launch of The Good Capital Project during our one day event in New York City on June 19th, 2017 to be held at Convene, Midtown East on Third Avenue.

Get tickets for the The Good Capital Project launch in NYC.

Get your SOCAP17 tickets to join the Social Capital Markets community at the Fort Mason Center October 10 – 13, 2017.

A New SOCAP Initiative: The Good Capital Project

March 13th, 2017

SOCAP is excited to announce a new initiative, The Good Capital Project, launching June 19th, 2017 at an event in New York City. The Good Capital Project (GCP) is an integral step in evolving impact investment from an emerging industry into mainstream practice. Through a new design thinking process, we will convene all constituents to drive greater collaboration and accelerate capital flows into purpose-driven investments. The project will focus on generating innovative and sustainable solutions to align the capital markets with the human needs of tomorrow.

This project is the first initiative of SOCAP’s new partnership with a strategic group of mission aligned impact investors and innovators.

Join us.

Unlock the Potential of the Global Capital Markets

Why aren’t good capital practices mainstream in the global capital markets?

Over the last decade, the sustainable, responsible, and impact investing industry has gained critical momentum. According to a recent Rockefeller Foundation report, the total capital available for positive impact exceeds $287 trillion, while according to Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing, only $8.7 trillion is currently allocated. The financial markets need to be prepared for the seismic shift in investor demographics that demand greater alignment of their portfolios with their values. The GCP seeks to unlock this potential and ensure the financial markets become a catalyst for good in the years ahead.

To bring impact investing fully into the mainstream, all constituents must look beyond their sector-specific initiatives and join the effort to solve global challenges with market-based solutions. The Good Capital Project will harness our collective knowledge to change the world.

The Goal of the Good Capital Project

The Good Capital Project (GCP), through a new design thinking process, will convene and leverage expertise from the financial, design, academic, non-profit, governmental and impact communities to drive greater collaboration and accelerate capital flows into purpose driven investments. The GCP will develop common tools, resources and frameworks to align the capital markets with the human needs of tomorrow and produce a cohesive taxonomy and market map to address global challenges through market-based solutions.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals, ESG Metrics, SRI principles, corporate social responsibility, impact investing and philanthropy have provided principles, driven investment and improved corporate governance and sustainability. While each of these valuable approaches are critical threads, a weaving of these threads is required to strengthen and mainstream the industry. The Good Capital Project leverages expertise from the financial, design, academic, non-profit, governmental and impact communities to contribute best practices from existing initiatives to the design of the new fabric of a purpose-driven impact economy.

A Catalyst for Good

Because we firmly believe the financial markets will be a catalyst for good in the years ahead, we have created the Good Capital Project to better serve SOCAP’s mission to convene ideas and capital to catalyze world change

If you are interested in partnering with us or sponsoring the Good Capital Project contact Luc Fagerberg, Director of Corporate Strategy at

Event Details

Date: June 19th, 2017

Location: Convene, Midtown East, 730 Third Avenue, NYC

Get tickets and learn more.


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Press Highlights from SOCAP16

October 11th, 2016

Over 100 members of the press attended SOCAP16, from all around the world. They came to document this community in action, and to uncover the brightest new ideas and deepest insights from on, and off, the SOCAP stage.


SOCAP is filled with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and new entrants to the fields of social enterprise and impact investing, and is where many impact organizations share leading news and breakthrough ideas. Each year in San Francisco it is our privilege to convene the most compelling voices and stories from the impact economy, which produces a treasure trove of material for any journalist or blogger interested in the growing marketplace at the intersection of money and meaning.

SOCAP16 is three weeks behind us, and we’re still tallying the results. At the time of this post, SOCAP16 has been mentioned in over 200 articles. And while we don’t have the space to list all of the coverage received, we hope you’ll enjoy some of these press highlights from SOCAP16.

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“Introducing SOCAP Goes Local #Localize,” via Real Leaders

“The Passion of Impact Investing,” via Huffington Post

“This New Accelerator Is Funding Projects That Fix The Systemic Issues Of Our Cities,” via Fast Company

“Oincs App Connects Citizens Sharing Updates About Potholes, Garbage And Traffic Cops,” via Forbes

“SOCAP16 – Views From a Reformed Conference Cynic,” via LinkedIn Pulse

“SOCAP16: Changing the World Through Impact Investing,” via Huffington Post

“Can Financial Products Improve the Lives of Poor People?” via Fortune

“Revisiting SOCAP-More Momentum and a Higher Bar,” Alliance Magazine

“Success for Women Entrepreneurs in Poor Countries Means Enlisting Men – Activists,” via Thomson Reuters Foundation News

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“Hippies vs. Capitalists at SOCAP, Data (and Honors) for Social Entrepreneurs and a ‘What’ for WHO,” via Next Billion

“Burn Your Dollar: Taking Impact Investing to Burning Man and Bringing the Playa to SOCAP,” via Impact Alpha

Building a Marketplace that Includes You – Join us at SOCAP16

February 2nd, 2016

blog-image-SOCAP16Whether you are new to impact investing or have been to every SOCAP, your voice is critical to building the marketplace for social impact. We are extending our Black Box ticket (a whopping $700 off the full price) through this Friday because our goal is to convene the most diverse, inclusive, cross-sector set of stakeholders to accelerate the market at the intersection of money and meaning.

We believe in the big tent: that engaging a wide variety of stakeholders in robust conversation is what has propelled impact investing so far so fast, and is what will keep it from becoming insular or stagnant. It isn’t about getting “the right people” in a closed room, but rather facilitating the connections of valuable strangers who will create new opportunities and grow the marketplace. SOCAP is what you make of it, because you are the market and your participation impacts the conversation.

The price of SOCAP can be prohibitive for many of the valuable voices we aim to convene. In addition to keeping our lowest price available for an extra week, we’re also negotiating room blocks at hotels around San Francisco and will post those in the coming weeks. To increase accessibility, we provide scholarships to over 150 entrepreneurs every year, and bring on over a hundred volunteers – their contributions to the conference are invaluable. We ask our speakers to pay for their tickets (at a discounted speaker rate) because we’re all building this together, and the audience is as valuable to the conversation as those on stage.

SOCAP is a marketplace, made stronger by increased access and diverse participation. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or investor, working through the public sector or the private sector, we hope you’ll join us for three days of illuminating content and valuable networking at SOCAP16!

socap16 horizontal logo white

September 13-16, 2016

Fort Mason, San Francisco

This extended sale ends on Friday, February 5th at midnight. Click here to claim your spot today!


SOCAP15 Tickets on Sale Now

December 17th, 2014


You spoke. We listened. 

We heard many of you wanted to take a break for Labor Day so this year we are moving SOCAP to October. Here’s your chance to enjoy Burning Man or recharge with friends before heading to SOCAP!

Join the world’s leading social innovators in San Francisco at Fort Mason Center, October 6-9 for SOCAP15. Buy your tickets today.

Tickets are on sale early so those of you who have money left in your professional development budget can take advantage of this great price. SOCAP is a great educational opportunity to learn directly from entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and social innovators to accelerate your career.

We are offering the lowest SOCAP15 ticket rate that will be available – 50% off at $697.50 – until December 31, 2014.

SOCAP15 is building off a SOLD-OUT 2014 EVENT that gathered 2,200+ innovators representing 60+ countries. If you’re committed to enriching your own social impact knowledge, career, projects & networks while helping to build the momentum of a global movement don’t miss SOCAP15.

Your ticket will include access to 3 full days of content, meals, evening parties, online connection platform & more.

P.S. If you would like to pay for part of this with money from your 2014 budget and pay the rest in 2015, email for more information.