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Thank you for your support of SOCAP/Europe. Over 600 attendees will represent 50+ countries at the intersection of money and meaning in Amsterdam next week.

Quick SOCAP/Europe Attendee Facts:

  • Location 600+ attendees, 50+ countries, 6 continents
  • Vocation 28% entrepreneurs,¬†20% investors, 14% Non-Profit, 8.5% for profit social enterprise staff, 30% remaining include: corporate, foundations, wealth management, government, media and more.
  • Area of Expertise Top rated includes business strategy, finance, management, development & fundraising and social impact assessment.
  • Primary Areas of Interest Top rated includes: impact investing, social enterprise, international development, green & clean tech, microfinance & financial inclusion, energy, agriculture and food systems, community, fair-trade and organic products, capacity building and infrastructure, education & youth, philanthropy, and ¬†mobile & digital inclusion(out of 23 categories).
  • Primary Goal for SOCAP/Europe Top rated includes: To network with like-minded individuals, seeking partnership, to be educated about the social capital markets, to learn new approaches to problem solving & innovation, seeking funding (out of 10 categories).

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  1. Dear conference organizer,
    I am the director of the Dutch Base of the Pyramid Innovation Center. Together with a growing number of European companies as well as companies in developing countries we are developing innovative products and services for the BoP. Due to the fact that i just re-entering my job after a four months maternity leave, I just found out about your important conference. Currently we are desiging with the Dutch goivernment a so called pro poor innovation funds. Attending your conference would be very important and useful for us. From the information on the website I learn that the event is sold out. However, I know that there is always a number of last minute cancellations. For this, I would like to request if it would be possible for us to attend? or maybe just to attend part of the program?

    You can send me your response to, or call at 0031-70-3358245.

    Thank you so much for considering this request.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Myrtille Danse
    executive director
    BoP Innovation Center

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